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2012-12-30 16:57:12 by Afroman95


Please check out my youtube channel, I play games and shit and working really hard a cool project thats coming out soon and i would like if I could get more of a following. Help a brother out, just watch a couple... Give a like or 2, maybe a sub if your a true bro.... haha but do the right thing ure=watch ure=watch ure=watch

mabey a bb come back!

2008-08-07 00:39:51 by Afroman95

bb it might come back
me smiley are thinking about
so get ready for BB
oooooooooohhhh yah

mabey a bb come back!

sprite halo

2008-05-26 10:00:01 by Afroman95

sprite halo 3 came yesterday.....
it did good......
go fiven it now!

~GG~= Dead

2008-03-03 19:21:32 by Afroman95

the gear group is dead X( but wat ev..

i'm going to do so more messed up commercials so yah be expecting them


yo wats up

2008-01-15 20:02:39 by Afroman95

i'm in a new group called the GEAR GROUP they r arsome... but we need members so why don't you join it